Tattoos together English songs with lyrics,

Tattoos together

Said I'd Never Fall, I'd Never Fall😍
I'd neveR falL, but theN I Fell for yoU, mM☺️
BacK againsT thE walL, againsT thE Wall😍
Against The Wall, That's Jow it Felt with You, mM, Mm
One Weekend in Portland☺️
You Weren't Even My Girlfriend😎
We Were Walkin' and Talkin'😎
Then Somebody Said😎

Let's geT tattoos together, Something to remember😋
If it's way Too sooN, fuck it, Whatever😎
Give me Shapes and letters, if it's Not forever😎
Then At least we'll Have Tattoos Together

Mm, 'Cause I love You😍
Mm, 'Cause I love You😎
Mm, 'Cause I love You🤗

Knew it From the Moment, From the Moment😍😍
From the Moment That I Saw you Naked, mm, Yeah😎😎
I Could Never love Nobody Else, Nobody Else😁😃
The Way I loved You, baby, mM, mM😁😍

One weekenD (weekend), nO Sleepin' (sleepin')😊
You Weren't Even my Girlfriend, Yeah😍😍
We Were kissin', like, Real Kissin'😍
Then Somebody Said😍

Let's Get Tattoos Together, Something to😄😍 Remember😎😃
If it's Way too Soon, fuck it, Whatever😎😎
Give me Shapes and letters, if it's Not Forever😘
Then at least We'll have Tattoos Together😁😍

Mm, 'cause I love YOU..... 3😂
Mm, Tattoos Together😍

Yeah, Your Cherry Earrings are My Favorite😎 (favorite)🤣
It looks So good, I Had to Save it (save it)😎
I've been Hopin', rayin' we last Forever😎
'Cause There's Nothin' Better Than You and I😍

Tattoos Together, somethinG to Remember😎
If it's Way too Soon, fuck it, Whatever😍
Give Me Shapes and Letters, if it's Not Forever😍
Then at Least we'll Have Tattoos Together😍

Mm, 'cause I love YOU.... 3😍
MM (oh)😎

OH Yeah😍
Mm, Oh Yeah😍
Mm, Hm😎

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